Flatfile Alternative: Why You Should Opt for nuvo.

Product leads choose nuvo for a faster, more flexible setup and the highest data privacy standards.

Flatfile vs nuvo

Data Security & Compliance

Keeping customers’ data private is the highest priority for most software providers and should be thoroughly considered when choosing a data import solution.

nuvo’s solution is the only flatfile competitor that is built to process all data in the front end of the target application. This unique approach means that no data is processed through our servers at any point. You have the full assurance that your customer data stays confidential.

Extensive Feature Set

Managing data imports in a scalable but flexible way to cover also edge cases is a challenge for most import solutions.

nuvo’s customers appreciate our extensive feature set compared to the flatfile data import solutions. In addition to common use cases, nuvo allows users to fetch data from an API, import multiple files or nested data, and perform complex data manipulation scenarios like modifying columns and rows.

Quick Implementation

Setting up your data import solution can be a time-consuming process if the solution requires writing custom code for every validation.

nuvo gets you going in only one day, thanks to the extensive knowledge base of no-code validations and transformations, as well as the largest library of code sandboxes on the market.

Clear Pricing

Unlike flatfile pricing, nuvo’s pricing structure is two-fold, consisting of a fixed rate and a usage-based fee. This  provides  you with extra visibility and control over your expenses.

No hidden costs!

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Our customers said

“We implemented nuvo within a day and can’t believe how much engineering focus we could shift back to core product features.”

Tiago Sottomayor
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Our customers said

"AI-powered data onboarding and data cleaning are a MUST to stay competitive. With nuvo, we offer a superior data onboarding experience."

Markus Schünemann
Founder & CTO
Julius Asante Full Stack Engineer, retraced
Our customers said

"nuvo literally solves customer data onboarding for us while saving months of development efforts."

Julius Asante
Full Stack Engineer
Our customers said

"Our customers love the intuitive self-service importer! They can import their data in seconds whenever they need to."

Nico Bentenrieder
Co-Founder & CTO
Our customers said

"We appreciate the outstanding support from the nuvo team. Every question has been cleared incredibly fast and in detail."

Rob Tucker
Founder & CPO
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Highest data privacy standards

nuvo’s unique approach allows you keep full control of your data. We are not processing any sensitive data imported through our solution.

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