Automatically Ingest Customer Data with Our
No-Code Data Pipelines.

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Select connectors

from our library

Choose your input source and your output target and link it to your preferred data schema. We currently support HTTP(S), (S)FTP, AWS S3, and custom output connectors.

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column matching

Leverage our AI-powered mapping algorithm to automatically map imported columns to the output schema.

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Data transformation

with a single click

Simply use Excel-like functions, or inject custom Java Script code to built powerful data cleaning automations.

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Data observation

run, observe & fix

Once the import is completed, easily navigate through your dashboard, adjust settings and fix broken pipelines in seconds.

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how it works

nuvo is setup in minutes

and provides value starting with the first upload

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step 1
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Select Connectors

Choose your Input Source and your Output Target and link it to your preferred Data Schema. We currently support HTTP(S) and (S)FTP.

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Create Data Transformations

Create and apply Data Transformations using Excel-like Formulas, or unlock endless Customization through JavaScript Functions.

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Schedule the Pipeline

Determine the frequency when the Pipeline is supposed to run and add your desired error-threshold.

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Monitor & Fix Runs

Monitor all Pipeline Runs, view and export the Result and fix broken Pipelines by adjusting the Mapping and Transformation Rules.

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Highest data privacy standards

nuvo’s No-Code Data Pipelines comply with GDPR regulations and are built to withstand the highest security standards. Our pipelines are designed to ensure the safety and privacy of your data, while also providing robust and reliable performance.

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Made and hosted in
fully gdpr compliant
Fully compliant

It’s the little things that make a big difference

Start using the nuvo importer and receive clean data

überwachen datenimporte

Monitor your data imports at any time

Effortlessly manage and monitor your data pipelines with full transparency and governance.

importieren sie daten nach ihren zeitplan

Import data according to your schedule

Schedule your data pipeline on your preferred time interval or import data triggered by a pre-defined event.

no code daten transformationen

No-code data transformations

Use our simple and non-technical UI to perform even the most complex data transformations without a single line of code.

importieren sie von ihrem gewünschten quelle

Import from your desired source

Define and connect your custom input source to ingest your customers’ and suppliers’ data from anywhere.

bleiben sie über defekte pipelines informiert

Stay alert of broken pipelines

Get notified of unsuccessful data imports with nuvo, and fix errors on the go for seamless automated pipelines

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Automated data cleaning

Guarantee high data quality on every import with our validation process, ensuring imported data matches your required output schema.

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Streamline your data processing with AI-powered pipelines

Our AI-powered Pipelines enable you to effortlessly connect with various data sources, including CSV files, (S)FTP, and HTTPS. Say goodbye to manual data processing and hello to automated, efficient workflows. Check out our documentation to learn more.

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No code data pipeline

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