AI-Powered Import Solutions for CSV & Excel Data

Make importing data a breeze with nuvo! Map, validate, and clean file-based data faster than ever before – regardless of the input format.

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Slow data onboarding is bad for your business. Scale with nuvo and gain competitive advantage!


more customers onboarded

Increase conversion rates by immediately showing your product’s value to your customers.

6 months

saved in dev resources

Focus on core product features in your roadmap, not on data imports.


data privacy requirements fulfilled

Thanks to nuvo’s unique architecture, we don’t process any of your customers’ data.

Sick of dealing with messy data?

Importing customer data can be painful. It often requires manual data reformatting, complex import templates, and building custom scripts.

Don't let complex data mappings and transformations burden your developers!

Impress your customers with streamlined data onboarding!

Stop wasting time importing messy data from your customers. Scale your data imports with nuvo's AI-powered Data Importer SDK and No-Code Data Pipeline solutions.

etl pipeline without a single line of code and embeddable self-service importer

Speed up your data onboardings

Embed our powerful importer and benefit from AI-assisted data mapping and transformations.

Set up within minutes and leverage our pre-built validators and cleaning functions, which help you cover all edge cases.

EXplore SDK

Ingest customers' data in autopilot

Automate and scale file-based customer data transformation and ingestion without a single line of code.

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data transformation no-code data pipeline
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Our customers said

“We implemented nuvo within a day and can’t believe how much engineering focus we could shift back to core product features.”

Tiago Sottomayor
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Our customers said

"AI-powered data onboarding and data cleaning are a MUST to stay competitive. With nuvo, we offer a superior data onboarding experience."

Markus Schünemann
Founder & CTO
Julius Asante Full Stack Engineer, retraced
Our customers said

"nuvo literally solves customer data onboarding for us while saving months of development efforts."

Julius Asante
Full Stack Engineer
Our customers said

"Our customers love the intuitive self-service importer! They can import their data in seconds whenever they need to."

Nico Bentenrieder
Co-Founder & CTO
Our customers said

"We appreciate the outstanding support from the nuvo team. Every question has been cleared incredibly fast and in detail."

Rob Tucker
Founder & CPO
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Ready to tackle any import use case with ease

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Highest data privacy standards

nuvo’s unique approach allows you keep full control of your data. We are not processing any sensitive data imported through our solution.

Made and hosted in
fully gdpr compliant
Fully compliant

Built for your organizations' needs,

capable of handling complex developer requests

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Importer SDK
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No-Code Data Pipeline

Plug our nuvo Importer SDK into your Web Application

nuvo’s AI-assisted data integration solution is embedded in your application and provides your clients with a fast and easy way to import, validate and clean their spreadsheet data with just a few clicks!

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Data pipeline

Connect your Partners within minutes

Easily connect your Input Connector to your desired Output Schema and automatically ingest, map, validate, and clean customer data. Our non-technical User Interface will ensure optimal usability and high data quality during import.

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30-minute video call

Book a chat with the nuvo team

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