Create the Best Possible Data Import Experience
with Our Importer SDK.

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Import data

regardless of the format

Simply import your spreadsheet in any format to start a non-technical and efficient onboarding process.

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column matching

Imported columns are automatically mapped to your data schema columns using our intelligent matching algorithm that improves with every import.

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Data validation

and automated cleaning

Automate data validation and cleaning according to your needs to reach the highest possible quality.

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how it works

nuvo is set up in minutes

and provides value starting with the first import

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step 1
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Define Importer Settings

Adjust our importer, according to your schema requirements within minutes.

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Create Target Data Model

Automatically create your target data model including validation rules, column types and descriptions without code.

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Set up Cleaning Functions

Set up custom data manipulation, cleaning rules and column-cross dependencies from our library of rules.

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Embed in your Application

Integrate the importer code snippet into your application and seamlessly import data.

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Highest data privacy standards

nuvo’s unique approach allows you keep full control of your data. We are not processing any sensitive data imported through our solution.

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fully gdpr compliant
Fully compliant

A suite of solutions for all your CSV needs!

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Process all your file types and sources

We support a large range of data formats and are able to transform and import your customer’s most complex data structures

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AI-assisted column mapping

Save your engineering team time and effort with our AI-assisted column mapping. Our system improves with each import, eliminating the need for manual reformatting.

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Full customizability

Easily embed our data importer into your application within a few hours. Our settings allow you to adjust brand fonts, colors, text, and language of the UI to fit your needs.

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Large files? No worries!

Let your users import even large files without concerns! Our data importer does not have any file size limit and is able to process even large datasets with ease!

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Fast setup with pre-built validations

Get up and running quickly with our knowledge base, offering pre-built data types and easy data validation with just a few clicks.

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Advanced data cleaning

Automate data validation and reformatting with our cleaning functions, including duplicate checks and third-party validation.

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Plug our nuvo importer into your web application

nuvo’s AI-assisted data integration solution is embedded in your application and provides your clients with a fast and easy way to import, validate and clean their spreadsheet data with just a few clicks!

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What makes nuvo unique in the market?


nuvo is the leading European provider offering fast, scalable, and secure solutions for accepting and importing customer data into your product. nuvo’s AI-powered data importer empowers both you and your customers to effortlessly map, clean, and validate file-based data – regardless of the input format.

nuvo’s extensive knowledge base includes over 60 sandboxes and pre-built data validation functions, ensuring that you can fully set up your nuvo Importer within a couple of days. nuvo's exceptional service-first business model guarantees you receive all the necessary support to provide an outstanding data import experience for both your internal teams and clients.

Thanks to nuvo's unique front-end data processing architecture, no sensitive data ever passes through nuvo's servers at any point. You can have complete confidence that you maintain full control over your data throughout the entire process.

Can I integrate the SDK into my existing software or application?


Yes, our nuvo Importer is a white-label component that you can easily embed into your application's front-end and customize to meet your brand requirements. Read the full guide to setting it up on our documentation.

My clients need custom schemas. Can I display a different target schema for each individual client?


Yes, the target data model can also be generated dynamically. This enables you to show each user a personalized schema when, for example, you want to generate a user-specific target schema based on the already existing data inside your database of each user.

How can I style the nuvo importer to match my company's UI?


nuvo is a white-label solution, which you can fully custom-style to match your product's user interface. You can find more information about styling in our documentation.

Do I need a developer to use nuvo Importer SDK?


To embed our importer SDK into your application, some developer resources are needed. Importing data with the nuvo Importer happens through an intuitive, non-technical UI designed to be accessible to users of all skill levels.

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