Onboard customers’ data 90% faster.
That’s what nuvo is built for.

No matter in which structure your clients share their data with you, nuvo’s AI-powered data importer empowers non-technical teams to import it with ease.

AI-powered column matching
Automated cleaning and validation
Swift implementation

Our customers said

Tiago Sottomayor

“We implemented nuvo within a day and can’t believe how much engineering focus we could shift back to core product features.”

Anian Ziegler
Co-Founder & CPTO

"With nuvo, we don't need to care anymore about the format in which our clients share their data. They can even manage the import themselves."

Anastasia Kuzmina
Payroll Product Lead

“Where data imports used to take one full working day, it now only takes one hour with nuvo.”

Embrace the easiest way to
accept any data from your clients

Streamline customer data onboarding and eliminate the need for manual reformatting, complex import templates, and custom script development.

Whether handling customer data imports in-house or empowering your clients to import their data through a self-service interface, nuvo ensures a secure exchange of high-quality data.

Accelerate data onboarding

Onboard external data faster than ever thanks to AI-powered data mapping and cleaning.

Adaptable to any use case

The flexible SDK enables the development team to set up an importer that automates all data onboarding operations.

Save development resources

Enjoy an advanced importer without the headache
of spending months on building such functionality.

security badge icon

Highest data privacy standards

nuvo’s unique approach allows you keep full control of your data. We are not processing any sensitive data imported through our solution.

Made and hosted in
fully gdpr compliant
Fully compliant

Eliminate manual work,
data onboarding is now faster than ever

nuvo’s AI-powered importer makes importing data a breeze.
Handle diverse data files and structures

Import data from various file types like CSV, Excel, XML, JSON, etc., regardless of whether it's arranged in matrices or spread over multiple sheets.

Intelligent column mapping

Imported columns are automatically mapped to your data schema columns using our AI-powered matching algorithm that improves with every import.

Automated data cleaning

Automate data transformation with our cleaning functions, including deduplication, correcting date formats, fetching existing data sets, and much more.

Automated data validation

Ensure high data quality through automatic error detection, third-party validation, highlighting outlier values, and much more.

Quick implementation

Our pre-built data cleaning functions and an extensive library of 60+ sandboxes ensure you can implement your use case easily.

Ingest data from any source

Empower seamless data onboarding by fetching data from any API.

Simplified user interface

A clean, intuitive, and adaptable user interface ensures that you offer seamless self-service import experience, even for non-technical clients.

Front-end data processing

Your sensitive data never passes through our servers, supporting adherence to rules and regulations related to ISO and GDPR.

Real human support

Our service-first approach ensures you get the support you need during Proof-of-Concept and thereafter.

A win-win for everyone

Development Teams
Stop wasting time writing custom scripts. Instead, empower non-technical teams to handle data imports.
Product Teams
Save your product roadmap for core functionalities, not data imports.
Customer Success
Offer quick time-to-value for your clients and use your internal resources for value adding services.

Free up internal resources with scalable data onboarding


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