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How Cargonexx Saved Months of Developer Time by Implementing nuvo

How Cargonexx enlightens their clients with a seamless data onboarding and import experience

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How Cargonexx enlightens their clients with a seamless data onboarding and import experience

Studies found that around one-third of all trucks on European highways are empty and produce CO2 unnecessarily. In today's highly automated and digitised world, still a lot of players in the logistics industry work in silos and organize truck transports with pen and paper, Excel spreadsheets and outdated software.

Cargonexx’s software is built to reshape collaboration freight logistics by bringing all participants together on one full-service platform covering operations from order to delivery.

With their Transport Management Platform, Cargonexx is bringing transparency into the world of shippers, forwarders, carriers and reducing complexity for optimal cooperation between them and their customers.

“Our existing import solution had rather limited functionality and held too much hidden maintenance work for us. We usually take care of our customers data in-house and figured that every edge case forced our development team to build custom scripts. This led to our engineering resources being held up by a process that was not even core of the product. Usage of our homegrown solution was meant to end.” said Timothy Hennessey, CTO of Cargonexx.

On the lookout for a more feasible solution to fix data imports, Cargonexx found nuvo, a software library for seamless CSV Imports.

nuvo enables seamless data onboarding and frees up developers resources

With the strong focus on creating full transparency across road freight logistics, building a friction-free and easy-to-use central platform was of the highest relevance to Cargonexx. Seamless customer data onboarding and the ability to continuously import data is a key aspect in freeing up developer resources and fully dedicating one's attention to creating the best customer experience. After reevaluating in-house development and several off-the-shelf solutions to solve data onboarding, Cargonexx decided to implement nuvo data import library to ensure a seamless, easy-to-use import experience that covers even the most complex and messy client data. Apart from customer self-service and data privacy ensured by the unique approach of nuvo, time to implementation and continuously saving internal resources was key in decision-making for Cargonexx.

With a AI-powered importer like nuvo every edge case could be covered with the same solution. The Quick-Start Guide and the No-Code Target Model Generator made it super easy to create new import models fast and offered our engineering team more freedom to focus on core product features.

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