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How Runn Scales Data Onboarding with nuvo

nuvo's AI-powered Data Importer SDK enables resource management software provider Runn to speed up client data onboarding without sacrificing their development team’s flexibility.

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New Zealand-based Runn builds software to allocate people to projects, honoring their time and talent. By aligning each person’s capabilities, capacity, and interests with the specific needs of every project, Runn helps build teams that are not only the right fit, but also highly engaged and effective at achieving great outcomes. 

The ability to easily accept client data in any format is key to Runn. Serving B2B companies worldwide across different industries, they receive diverse client data sets—from sensitive employee information to project details—all of which need to be consolidated and imported into their system.

Staff Engineer James Macfie explains how nuvo helped them crack the code of fast customer data onboarding.

In-house CSV importer: Speed blocker and resource drain

Runn’s development team had built a simple CSV importer to integrate client data. However, importing with it was slow and resource-intensive. Whenever there was an import error, the user would need to go back into their spreadsheet, fix things up, and attempt the import again—and potentially repeat this process.

As Runn kept expanding and onboarding more customers, its in-house CSV importer became a major roadblock—data onboarding became increasingly time-consuming, and new customers introduced new use cases, adding a new layer of complexity.

James realized that developing the necessary import functionality from scratch would take months. It would require hiring developers and taking care of ongoing maintenance.

In search of a powerful, yet flexible data import solution

Given the limitations of the in-house importer, the team decided to replace it with a solution that would streamline importing diverse CSV sheets.

They needed an importer with a clean, intuitive user interface that would allow non-technical users to import data effortlessly. It was important that all potential errors could be fixed in the UI during the import process—without the need to go back to the spreadsheets. This would substantially save time for both their users and the customer support team.

Additionally, the tool had to be highly customizable to meet all their specific requirements, both currently and in the future. Runn's team needs to check cross-dependencies in the data and perform numerous validations against their database to ensure high data quality. 

nuvo’s Data Importer SDK turned out to be extremely flexible. In addition to nuvo's pre-built data validation and cleaning functions, the development team can write their own custom code to meet even the most complex requirements. nuvo also handles advanced data manipulations, ensuring the data is formatted exactly as their system requires.

Runn uses nuvo to validate and clean client data, ensuring it's in the right format for their system.

Runn operates in a global market, which highlights their need for client confidentiality and compliance with worldwide data protection regulations. nuvo stood out from other solutions on the market because of its data privacy standards. Thanks to nuvo’s unique front-end data processing architecture, no sensitive data passes through external servers

Runn's dev team set up a working proof of concept (POC) in a single day and had an importer for their customer support team to use within a couple of weeks. “It was fairly easy to figure out how to implement custom validations on top of nuvo to meet all our requirements. Your tech support team has been extremely helpful, which allowed us to move quickly”, James adds.

nuvo seamlessly integrates with Runn’s tech stack

By integrating nuvo into their tech stack, the team at Runn not only managed to substantially streamline their data onboarding process but also saved months of development time.

Looking ahead, Runn also plans to introduce self-service data imports for their clients with nuvo. This initiative will give users even greater autonomy in importing and updating data at their convenience—ultimately boosting their satisfaction.

If you also receive messy data from your clients, then book a call with our team and explore how nuvo’s AI-powered data mapping, validation and cleaning capabilities can streamline your data onboarding from the get-go. 

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