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How GlassDollar enabled customer self-service data imports

“The nuvo library is built in such a way that allowed us to test and go live within a week", says Hatje

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How GlassDollar enlightens their Enterprise clients with a seamless data onboarding and import experience

Providing access for Enterprises to the holy grail of the most innovative and breakthrough startup innovations in an efficient and scalable way is what GlassDollar envisions doing.

Establishing a successful collaboration between a large Enterprise and startups is usually connected to high efforts, long processes, and even “cultural” barriers and challenges for both “worlds”. Therefore, GlassDollar has developed a platform that allows Enterprises to find and access relevant startup solutions easier and furthermore get ratings and comparisons between the solutions to make sure to only initiate partnerships with the best solution out there.

Serving the leading Enterprises across industries

The vision of breaking barriers between Startups and Enterprises meets high demand from market leaders across industries. Over the course of the last couple of years, GlassDollar was able to name the who is who across major growing industries as their happy clients and established hundreds of successful partnerships for them with the fastest-growing startups globally.

One key to the success of GlassDollar is the self-service approach they provide to its Enterprise clients. The platform is used as a central platform to identify, document, and manage all startup partnerships across the organization and thereby offers the power to create a comprehensive and unique knowledge base for innovation and new technologies.

nuvo enables seamless customer onboarding and continuous data transfer

With the strong focus on self-service and creating full transparency across an Enterprise organization, building a friction-free and easy-to-use central platform was of the highest relevance to GlassDollar. Seamless customer data onboarding as well as the ability to continuously import startup data is a key aspect in creating the best customer experience. After reevaluating in-house development and several off-the-shelf solutions to solve data onboarding, GlassDollar decided to implement nuvo data import library to ensure a seamless, easy-to-use import experience that covers even the most complex and messy client data.

With nuvo we are able to provide our Enterprise customers a seamless onboarding and user experience and allow users across business units to import their data without any specific introduction or training to the software”, says Niklas Hatje, Product Manager at Glassdollar. “It is great to see how our clients now import all their data with ease, without requiring any support, help, or even touchpoints with our customer support team.

Apart from customer self-service, and data privacy ensured by the unique approach of nuvo,  time to implementation and continuously saving internal resources was key in decision-making for GlassDollar.

We had a pretty tough timeline to comply with for going live with the importer.”, says Hatje. “The nuvo library is built in such a way that allowed us to test and go live within a week, with an importer that does not only provide a nice and simple UI for our users but with a lot of advanced features that would have taken our Engineering team a couple of months or even more to build ourselves.

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