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Enhanced Knowledge Base: Empowering Swift Implementation

Take a moment to explore the revamped knowledge base on our user platform, and let us know your thoughts!

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At nuvo, we are dedicated to offering our users a data importer that seamlessly aligns with their unique needs and is quick and straightforward to implement. We understand the value of developer resources, which should be primarily focused on building core product features. That's why we strive to offer you an exceptional implementation experience, providing example use cases and allowing you to test the code directly in your application.

We recognize the challenges developers face when writing data validations and cleaning functions from scratch. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our enhanced knowledge base, featuring over 60 sandboxes and continually growing. These sandboxes cater to a wide range of use cases, from initial setup to advanced data cleaning, ensuring you can set up an advanced importer yourself in no time, and have the necessary tools to handle any scenario with ease. With our automated validations and cleaning functions, you can maintain high data quality without worrying about import errors.

However, creating a powerful data importer is just one part of the equation. To provide a truly seamless import experience, the solution must align perfectly with your brand and cater to customers across various regions. That's where our custom styling and multi-language UI come into play, ensuring that you can offer your clients a delightful experience both locally and globally.

Let's explore the resources that provide you with the tools to implement your own data importer effortlessly.

An extensive library of sandboxes to cover all your use cases

With our enhanced knowledge base, we now offer an expanded range of sandboxes, covering diverse use cases from initial setup to advanced data cleaning. Let's explore some of our clients' favorite use cases and the corresponding sandboxes.

nuvo's user platform features 60+ sandboxes that cover a wide range of use cases

Complex data manipulations

Our clients love nuvo Data Importer for its flexibility in performing complex data manipulations. Log in to the knowledge base on nuvo's user platform to get an overview of all the possibilities. Here are three examples: 

  • Transpose input data directly after the data upload with our dataHandler function 
  • Nest submitted rows with the same parent object
  • Dynamic output data cleaning

Data validations

Validating data before it enters the target system is paramount to ensure high data quality and accuracy. But, implementing data validations is often a resource-heavy task for the developers. With our sandboxes, you can easily add a variety of different data validation processes to ensure that your customers can trust the data in your system. Check out our sandboxes to learn how you can:

  • Validate and fix imported addresses with the Google Maps API
  • Perform validations on the backend side
  • Perform server calls to check duplicates between the input data and the source 
  • Check for duplicates; validating input data with server call backs

Generate target data models (TDMs) dynamically

Many companies use not just one fixed target schema, but multiple schemas that can even differ from customer to customer. nuvo Data Importer is designed to seamlessly address such scenarios, allowing you to effortlessly generate and fetch target data models dynamically. Below you will find some example sandboxes:

  • Generate a TDM dynamically from a pre-defined schema
  • Fetch the desired TDM from an API
  • Choose a TDM from a dropdown selection  

Implement value-based dropdowns

Category columns often add a great deal of complexity to your data importer. Use our value-based dropdowns feature and the associated sandboxes to easily deal with category and sub-category columns and establish dependencies between columns, such as the relationship between continents and countries. Check out some of our sandboxes:  

  • Implement value-based dropdown menus
  • Render different category options depending on a set of rules
  • Generate category options dynamically

Retrieve data from an API

In addition to uploading different file types, nuvo Data Importer allows you to retrieve data directly from a third-party API. Our sandbox retrieves Hubspot data from an API as an example, but you can utilize other APIs too. Let us know which API you want to retrieve data from, and we’re happy to support you in implementing the use case if needed. 

Custom styling: Tailor to your needs 

At nuvo, we understand the importance of speed, ease, and customization. That's why our importer allows you to fully customize and white-label the importer using just a few properties within the global class. Additionally, our sandboxes help you implement dark themes and render your own custom upload button to match your branding and preferences.

Multi-language importer: Global support made easy 

For our international clients, a multi-language UI is critical. With nuvo Data Importer, you can effortlessly apply nine different languages by only changing the language key within the settings. Moreover, you can always override default text or add extra languages using our i18nOverrides functionality. If your desired language is not yet included in the language property, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll be delighted to add it for you.

You can count on our support during your PoC, implementation, and beyond

Our Germany-based support team is here to assist you throughout your PoC, the implementation stage, and afterwards. However, you likely won't require as much support as you initially anticipated. Thanks to our comprehensive documentation and knowledge base, you'll swiftly have your data importer up and running. 

If you have a specific use case that hasn't been covered yet, don't hesitate to inform us, and we'll gladly add it for you! Our commitment to providing the most extensive library for out-of-the-box data transformations, validations and cleaning functions in the market is a source of great pride for us.

So why wait any longer? Take a moment to explore the revamped knowledge base on our user platform, and let us know your thoughts! We're eager to support you in creating an exceptional data importing experience.

If you don’t have access to nuvo’s user platform yet, have a short call with the nuvo team. 

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