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Rethink Customer Onboarding: How Apperon Switched from Internal Data Onboarding to 100% Customer Self-Service

Watch this fireside chat to hear best practices for implementing a seamless self-service data import experience for your clients.

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Imagine a seamless and delightful onboarding experience for both software providers and their new clients. Unfortunately, reality often falls short. Preparing data for migration to the new application consists of laborious, manual processes to clean and reformat messy data. This inefficiency creates bottlenecks in company growth and frustrates clients.

Apperon, a highly innovative player providing a field service application, saw this as an opportunity rather than a challenge. They made a bold move, shifting their data onboarding process from fully internal implementation to a 100% self-service model for both SMB and enterprise clients.

In this fireside chat you'll learn more about:

  • The challenges of onboarding clients’ data: How Apperon manages the wide variety of file formats.
  • Implementing a self-service data onboarding model: What factors must be considered when introducing a self-service model.
  • The shift from implementation service to self-service: How Apperon ensured a smooth transition for their enterprise clients that were accustomed to receiving an implementation service.
  • Data import library vs homegrown importer: How Apperon decided what’s best for their clients and the product.

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Wow your clients with a quick and seamless data onboarding experience and let them encounter the value of your software immediately. Contact us today and get a free demo.

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